Why We Love Dog Playpens

One of the favorite methods that we have for training dogs is to utilize a dog playpen. A dog playpen creates a safe area for your dog to run around and play in. This greatly reduces the chances of your dog getting hurt and destroying something. It also reduces the odds that they will become distracted when training.

One of the reasons that people fail the most when trying to train their dog is that they lack the patience. This is because the dog gets distracted. A dog playpen will eliminate the issue of your dog getting distracted.

Here’s how we train with a dog playpen:

  1. Clear your dog’s playpen of all items – including toys and blankets
  2. Remove any possible distractions from the area outside of the dog playpen
  3. Put yourself in the dog playpen and a leash on the dog
  4. Start with basic sit/stay commands
  5. Give your dog a treat as a reward
  6. Rinse and repeat while gradually advancing to harder tricks


Ok, great, that’s easy, so what kind of dog playpen should you get?

Trust us – we get this question a lot. There are so many different kinds of dog playpens on the market that it can be very daunting to find the right one. If you were to go on Amazon and search for dog playpen, over 10,000 results would show up. Luckily there are sites like Best Dog Crates and Beds which review pet playpens for large dogs. We love going with a large, heavy-duty dog playpen when training our dogs. This is because dogs can become very hyper at times and having a durable pet playpen makes it much, much easier to control the dog.

Dog playpens can be used for so much more than training. If you work during the day, which most of you do, you can also leave your dog alone in their dog play pen and be assured that they aren’t going to destroy anything in your house.

The pet playpen is also very versatile – in that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It really is an all-in-one solution. Heck, we’ve even used our pet play pen for our toddlers when they were younger. They didn’t know any difference and loved it all the same!

All of the above and so much more is why we recommend a playpen for your dog.

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