How You Can Contribute

Even though we are a “not for profit” organization, donations from the heart are gladly accepted (and encouraged!!) from members, students, and the public.

Below please find a “wish list” of much-needed items to help keep our expenses down.

Lightweight Assembly Tables
Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Banner: Fun Match
Banner: Yard Sale
Additional Obedience and Agility Equipment
Coloring Book Sponsors (for School and Safety Programs)
Cleaning Supplies
Paper Towels/ Toilet Paper
Trash Can Liners
Canned Soft Drinks
Contributions toward publicity (ie monthly ad in Pawprints or any other publication)

Donations will be gratefully accepted and noted in our monthly newsletters as well as on ADTC’s website. Donations can be made in honor of or in memory of people and pets.

A BIG Thank You to:


Thanks to:
Kiesha Crawmer for annual website hosting fees for 2005, and for being our Webmistress extraordinaire!!.

Larry Bray for the construction of the wood work on the new Dog Walk and Teeter!

ADTC Members who pay for our monthly ads in Paw Print Magazine.

Dick Parrott Photography – Pet Photography Session, half of proceeds donated to ADTC.


Thanks to Good as Gold Companion Care (Marny & Stephanie Temple) for purchasing a brand new banner that was unfurled for the first time at our Fun Match/Show n Go’s on the 1st of November. For those of you who did not see it, it’s a very striking, eye catching banner with ADTC’s logo and name on the top line and “Show – N – Go” on the second line. The banner is a white 2’ x 6’, with “Azalea Blue” lettering.

Regarding the banner, ADTC could actually use a couple more of them!! Now that we’ve got the Show – N – Go one, we also could use a “Fun Match” one and a “Yard Sale” one…. the 2’ x 6’ runs $60 and the next size up, 3’ x 8’ runs $80. If anyone wants to sponsor a banner (or if folks would like to go in together to sponsor one), please let Marny know, at or 791 5255. BetDesign is our designer for the banners and Marny will be glad to contact them for you and get a new banner in the works!! BetDesign does not require payment in advance, so payment need not be made until pick up!

Vicky Wilcox, Nancy Parrott, Bob Jones, Ginger Bruton, Cathey Johnston, and Dick Parrott – ADTC’s first full page ad can be found in the October issue of Pawprints Magazine!!

Kiesha Crawmer – Annual website hosting fees for 2004.

The Purple Groomery (Ginger Bruton and Elizabeth Orum) – Food donations for Club Social, thereby freeing up the money collected to be used for needed obedience/agility equipment.

Dick Parrott Photography – Pet Photography Session, half of proceeds donated to ADTC.

Ginger Bruton – Donation of Vacuum Cleaner.

If interested in making a gift to ADTC, please contact Marny Temple at or (910) 791-5255.