Azalea Dog Training Club

Your dog can learn to be OBEDIENT!

He can learn to walk on leash at your side without making every outing a tug of war. He can learn to sit, down and STAY when you tell him. He can learn to accept friendly petting without becoming overly excited or fearful. And – believe it or not – he can learn to come when called! What’s more, he can enjoy being obedient if he knows that he is pleasing you.

There are proven methods for training your companion to be more obedient and there are people in the Wilmington NC area who are qualified to explain these methods to you. They can show you the “right way” to put you and your dog on the path towards a better relationship.

Understanding between owner and companion is paramount for the bonding to take place that is so necessary for successful training. Your companion must trust you and have no doubts, suspicion or uncertainty about you. Your companion must know that you will not use pain, fear, intimidation, or lock them in a dog playpen. You are a team!!

YOUR part is taking a little time and enrolling in a consistent training program; a training program that fits both you and your dog’s needs, and a program where a bond is formed between you and your companion.

Azalea Dog Training Club’s large (largest in the area) climate-controlled training facility is located on US 17, approximately 8 minutes north of Ogden. This is a very short distance considering the quality of training!

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Session 1 classes begin in January. Orientation is the 8th, starting at 6:30PM at the training facility. Click here for the registration form.